Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing My Fabulous Four! The Children

 This is my fab four (from left to right)  Lil' A, Brittney, Taylor Grace & Bryce
I thought about doing the traditional thing, from oldest to youngest but I think I'll start with my baby :) Here ya go......

This is my 10yo baby girl, Taylor aka Tay Grace.... She's my miracle baby, my gift from God! I truly will blog about her life story soon. You will want to stick around for that one.  She's been through a lot and she continues to struggle daily but I thank God everyday for her. Tay Grace is special needs, I know, I know...surely not from her looks. Her main developmental delay is speech/language deficiency.

This is my middle child, my son....(this was the most recent picture of him, that's Lauren). He is all around B-O-Y! He is a junior so we all just call him Lil' A or Little Alex. I can not believe he will be 14 in just a few short months. And going into the 8th grade! Man, that's just crazy. 

Up next, my oldest... Brittney. She's about to be 16. Yes, oh my 16!! She pretty much thinks she's almost grown, but I will never let her grow up completely. From 5lbs, little bitty thing, to this beautiful young lady, I'm about to cry!! I am so thankful to call her mine!! 

And to top it off, here is Bryce! This child will always, always hold a very special place in my heart. I can't say I birthed him, but I CAN & DO call him my son. He became apart of our (little) family just a little over 3 years ago. He is my nephew, (my husband's brothers son) just in case you're wondering. He is growing too fast, way too fast! Almost a 17yo I can. not. believe it!


  1. Wow...a house full of teenagers (and an almost teen). You must have your hands full! Such a cute family!

    1. I do have my hands full *somedays*. Thank You, I guess I'll keep them ;)

  2. Hey, I nominated you for an award! Go check it out :)

  3. Well hello there lil A, Brittany, Grace, and Bryce!